Processing meat

Automatic processing


  • Automatic band saw machine

    Automatic equal width cutting and equal division cutting by safety operation

    Maximum cutting height 230
    Maximum cutting width 450
    Material size 450x540x230
    Machine dimensions 1200x1320x1930

    ※Specification : AB500

    PHOTO  Automatic band saw machine

Meat tenderizer


Butterfly processing chiken breast


  • Automatic chicken breast butterfly and splitting processor AH95

    Butterfly and splitting chicken breast meat and chicken fillet

    Machine dimensions 730×1160×1350
    PHOTO AH95

Band saw machines


  • Small band saw machine A16S

    Suitable for cutting meat to a fixed size

    Maximum cutting height 390
    Maximum cutting width 378.5
    Processing table size 430x650x870
    Machine dimensions 960x1100x1920
    PHOTO A16S
  • Small band saw machine A16

    Processing fish or meat block into steak

    Maximum cutting height 400
    Maximum cutting width 380
    Processing table size 950x900x850
    Machine dimensions 1050x1000x1900
    PHOTO A16

  • Small band saw machine A16ST

    High product yield by stainless wheel without corrosion

    Maximum cutting height 330
    Processing table size 770x510x860
    Machine dimensions 1030x1240x1850

Cutting into 3 portions


  • Automatic combined twin band saw machine A16TW

    Processing capacity 2,000kg/Hour
    Material input Boneless frozen / half-thawed meat block

Splitting pork bone


  • Pork bone splitter BS16

    Pork bones splitter for different shape and size

    Object Pork bone・Beef bone
    Processed material size Length : 170~270mm
    Cutting height : 35~70mm
    ※ Depend upon the shape of material
    Machine dimensions 1100×1360×1900
    PHOTO BS16