Consumable supplies /
Special order

Consumable supplies

  • Band saw blade

    Several types of machines are available to suit any needs

    PHOTO Stainless mesh glove
  • Carbide Tipped Saw Blade

    Durable with ultra-hard alloy metal

    Tipped Saw
  • Round Type cutter

    For removing dark blooded meat of tuna, bonito

    Round Type cutter
  • Centrifugal flat-type cutter

    For peeling skin of tuna, bonito

    Centrifugal flat-type cutter
  • Brush

    Durable brush bristles with stiffness, exceeding retail commodities in qulality

    PHOTO  Brush

Special order machine


  • T type cutter grinder

    Voltage 100V
    Machine dimensions 400x400x435

    ※T type cutter not included

    PHOTO  T type cutter polisher