The brand leader of a food-processing machine -AKIYAMA

  • 1 From Japan to the world ...
    The products of AKIYAMA are 50% of the shares in Japan.
  • 2 The total planning of food processing space
    Leave not only consulting of processing space but a design and construction!
  • 3 Preeminent for ease of use and safety!
    We are sending the easy-to-use product to you with fine correspondence
  • 4 customer's request is kept in mind
    The fish processing industry is supported by maintenance service of clear performance and fullness
  • 5 A design and development, and system technology belong to AKIYAMA
    High processing technology which can hold the quality of expensive food

The standard of AKIYAMA

Production technology


Akiyama machinery manufactures about 50 types of food processing machines, including an ice-related machines such as ice-crusher, ice-ball maker, etc. Its main products are band saws for frozen tuna, bonito, crabs and the likes. Akiyama Machinery also offers special purpose machines depending on the customer's needs.

Operating activities

support service

A customers vary, such as a fish processing maker, major supermarkets, and the food service industry, and the 3,000 or more companies across the country. The domestic share is over 50% and the service organization densely provided with a national network is the pride of AKIYAMA.

Design & Development

for Needs

Although various fish processing technology are being developed until now, "Auto-centering device" Its patent product, is included in its machines. The fish from which a form and a size differ is correctly cut from the central part. It is adopted as a three frozen fish dividing machine, a frozen fresh fish automatic splitter machine, the husks end machine of a crab leg, etc. Our company is continuing challenging a difficult problem called the base of an infinite form.

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