Processing ice

Spherical ice


  • Spherical ice making machine IB6/IB8

    Making 6 pieces of spherical ice in one operation

    Spherical ice size Diameter Ø55,60,65mm
    Processing capacity 6(8) pcs / 20 seconds
    Machine dimensions 1600×800(850)×1775
    [With control box]

    *( ) IB8


    ●Introduction of ice processing machinery by KBS TV. In Korea

  • Spherical Ice Making Machine IB6-CE/IB8-CE

    CE marked IB6 for EU, EFTA and other country in need of CE marking

    Spherical ice size Diameter 55, 60, 65, 70mm
    Processing capacity 6 pcs / 20 seconds
    Machine dimensions 2130×810(860)×1950

    *( ) IB8-CE


Cubic ice


  • Manual cubic ice maker MQI2

    Motor driven and manual operation with simple structure

    Material ice block size Max. 130x270x520
    Processed material size 30x30x44
    Machine dimensions 1400x900x1200

    ●Introduction of ice processing machinery by KBS TV. In Korea

  • Automatic cubic ice maker AQI3

    Full automatic machine making 64 pcs per 30 seconds

    Material ice block size Max. 280x280x530
    Processed material size 30x30x30x~65(Height changeable)
    Machine dimensions 1625x1502x2222

  • Manual cubic ice maker MQI2-CE

    Manually operated and easy to handle.After inserting plate ice, vertical,horizontal slicing and cutting down.

    Material ice block size Max. 145x285x520
    Production pcs./cycle 21pcs (35mm) , 28pcs (30mm)
    Machine dimensions 1580x1,300x1700

Plate ice


  • Ice plate slicer IS16

    For slicing block ice to to be processed

    Slice width 60(Standard)
    Table height 740
    Machine dimensions 900x1855x1285
    PHOTO IS16

Block ice


  • Small-sized band saw machine A16ST

    Small band saw machine equipped with sliding table

    Maximum cutting height 330
    Maximum cutting width 375
    Processing table size 770x510x915
    Machine dimensions 1030x1240x1850